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County Mayo’s Connigan Clan is in Holiday Mode!

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An American photographer and an Irish musician
have a little too much in common…

A violent robbery leaves Gabrielle Roy afraid to venture out of the house alone. Determined to conquer her fear with the healing help of her cameras, Gabbi plans to expand her niche in landscape photography. Her friend Suzanne, a fellow Bostonian living in Ireland, lures her to County Mayo for Christmas using Westport’s spectacular scenery as bait. Once Suzanne and her husband Andy welcome Gabbi into their home, the cameras start flashing. Gabbi’s plan is on track until Andy’s troubled cousin tackles her to the ground.

Christmas brings Irish army veteran Ronan Swanton home to Westport to visit his family and sell the house bequeathed to him by his father. Ronan served with the U.N. Peacekeepers in Lebanon. His business education and his experience as a logistics officer should help him obtain a topnotch career, but mysterious nightmares and flashbacks confound him, and therapy isn’t helping. Playing his banjo provides his only means of refuge, until he meets Gabbi, a lady he encounters in a most unusual way.

Friendship develops when Ronan takes Gabbi driving to visit Croagh Patrick. A day trip to Dublin to view the city’s Christmas splendor deepens their growing affection. Though Ronan finds comfort in Gabbi’s companionship, his ongoing PTSD issues convince him he’s damaged and useless. Yet as their friendship slowly turns to love, they dare to look to the future, though the past intrudes and shatters their blossoming romance.

The risk of losing Gabbi serves as a call to arms for Ronan. Can he find the strength to win a woman who lives an ocean away? Can Gabbi make him realize he’s strong enough for anyone?

Perhaps the music and holiday magic of Ireland can help…

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