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A ride aboard a luxury submarine
leads to oceans of trouble
for Ireland’s Crown Princess . . .
Salty Roses is a fun read with as many twists as a Celtic knot...Get this book, find yourself a rainy afternoon, a comfortable window seat, and settle in for a good read, a thrilling adventure and a sweet story of the nature of love.

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Book Three in the Band of Roses Series

Warrior princess Talty Boru and her noble Irish clan have outwitted all sorts of scoundrels. A wife and a mother at last, the dynamic heir to the Irish throne believes her days of exotic adventure are done and dusted. Yet her royal duties seem endless, and a day off with her handsome husband Neil is looking good. Former naval officer Talty eagerly accepts an eccentric billionaire’s invitation for a jaunt aboard his luxury submarine, but as she and Neil dive beneath the waves to view an eerie shipwreck, a sinister plot unfolds. An unknown enemy lures them to an ancient tomb and sends them to a world infested with treacherous pirates. Talty takes charge of a pirate ship and its mangy crew, while Neil matches wits with a steamy temptress who jeopardizes his wedding vows. As he and Talty fight to save their marriage, they learn that the door to parallel worlds swings both ways…

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What If...? About Brian Boru

Book One: A BAND of ROSES




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